Computers in education

Specialist software can be used in different subjects e.g. a graph plotter in maths. The internet can be used for research into many different topics. An intranet means resources such as work sheets can be available locally. Exams on the computer are becoming more popular as they can be automatically marked. Computer, numeracy and literacy skills can be learnt by children from a very young age through the use of computer activities.

Information on students including contact details, grades and medical information can be stored in a database for easy access. Timetables for students can be created using specialist software and prevent clashes for students and staff. Resources such as the amount of paper available can be stored on the computer and automatic warnings inserted for when supplies run low so that they can be re-ordered. Electronic registers can be used and monitored by a computer so that, for example every time a student's attendance drops to below a certain level, a warning will be given.