Using examples that you have studied, explain how tourism can benefit and disadvantage an area. (10 marks)

You need to use a case study for this answer. We have used Courmayeur, a summer ski resort. We have given 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages and explained each which should be enough to gain maximum marks:

Advantages: Young people don't have to go away to find work but can become ski instructors or work in shops and hotels. The tourists bring in money and spend it in local shops etc which benefits the economy of the area. The government gets a lot more money from taxes which can be used to improve the infrastructure of the area. Local trades e.g. making crafts benefit as people can sell them to the tourists. More facilities available for tourists which can also be used by local people.

Disadvantages: Acid rain kills plants which is caused by traffic pollution. There is seasonal unemployment as most jobs are limited to the one season. Farmers have lost jobs when their land is sold for ski slopes. Traditional ways of life have changed. Deforestation to make the ski slopes safer.