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Notes on Ethan Frome as a Person

What we know on Ethan Frome at the start of the novel (Flashback - after smashup)

The Environment of Starkfield

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The Starkfield News: THE SMASH UP

Two bodies, just alive were found at the foot of the Big Elm this evening. The bodies have just been identified as Ethan Frome and Mattie Silver. The smashup is said to have been an unfortunate accident in early stages of the investigation but their are many rumors that this could have been a suicide attempt by the two young people.

The two bodies were found by two young children coasting on the hill. The pair were shocked when they found the two bodies but were glad they were alive.

Mattie Silver was most injured by the smashup. It has just been confirmed that Mattie Silver has been totally paralyzed from her neck right down to her feet. Ethan was badly hurt down one side. It is said by medical experts that the chances are he will suffer from a limp as he gets older.


Due to rumors that have been going around lately in Starkfield, it is said to be asked "What were the two doing on the sled in the first place?" Many people may think this is an innocent coasting time BUT a quote from Zeena Frome (Ethan Frome's wife) said: "I don't know why Ethan and Mattie were coasting.....Ethan should have been taking Mattie straight to the flats to catch a very important train". Thank you Zeena Frome

Views of Marriage

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Diary entries from Ethan Frome

Today Zeena sent me to meet the new house worker. I felt sorry for the poor soul who would have to work for Zeena. She is one of Zeena's cousins, but I hope she won't be like Zeena (I don't think I could cope with two Zeena's in the house!) When I went to meet her from the station, the first thing I saw of her was her wonderful smile as she shouted and waved "You must be Ethan". She wasn't a bit how I expected. She didn't look the house working type at all. I do hope that she livens up our household up a bit. It has been a really good day and what turned from being one of Zeena's chores into meeting a wonderful new person made the day even better. I do hope Zeena treats her well and doesn't try to work her too hard, as I don't think she will be too up to it. She is like a breath of fresh air and I'm sure she will do Zeena the world of good if not me too. At last, I feel that things are really looking up.

2nd October 1944: From the moment I met Mattie I knew she would be a wonderful person and now my thoughts are confirmed, entirely. It was during our night walks back from her dancing that I felt most the great friendship between us. I have always been one for natural beauty and very rarely have I found someone as intensified as I but that was before Mattie entered my life. Whatever I have to say, Mattie is always interested. Zeena would pass me aside but Mattie always hears me out. I think Zeena is getting suspicious about my friendship with Mattie. Since Mattie entered our household, I have been shaving each day. It was silly of me to think that Zeena wouldn't notice. Zeena is one of these people who will notice something and keep it bottled up for days on end and then suddenly spring it on me. My one dread is that Zeena might one day, send Mattie away, if only to spite me. She can be very spiteful and I feel that she doesn't want me to be happy when she herself is so miserable. I would be devastated if Mattie were to leave.