Border Disputes

Vilna 1920
Between Poland and Lithuania (2 new states).
Private Polish army took over Vilna (capital of Lithuania).
Lithuania asked for help.
League protested to Poland.
Poland did not withdraw.
League did nothing Poland kept Vilna.

Upper Silesia 1921
Germany and Poland wanted control of this rich iron and steel region.
Vote was organised (plebiscite).
Industrial areas voted Germany.
Rural areas voted Poland.
Region divided and both countries accepted.

Aaland Islands 1921
Sweden and Finland wanted control.
Both prepared to go to war.
League ruled for Finland.
Sweden accepted.
War avoided.

Corfu 1923
Border between Greece and Albania.
Italian general murdered whilst doing job.
Mussolini bomber Corfu (Greek island).
Greece appealed to league.
League condemned Mussolini's actions and ordered reparations.
Mussolini persuaded league to change its mind.

Bulgaria 1925
Greek troops invaded Bulgaria.
Bulgaria asked League for help.
League ordered Greece out and to pay reparations.
Greeks reluctantly obeyed.
Complained one rule for big countries and another rule for small ones.
SUCCESS (But criticised by Greece)