Journey's End

A list of good quotes found in the play.

"Because he's stuck it till his nerves have got battered to bits, he's called a drunkard" This quote shows how much Osborne cares about Stanhope and also how much he respects him.

"You'll find the other officers call me uncle" Shows how kind and dependable Osborne can be.

"Drinking like a fish as usual?" (says Hardy). This quote just backs up the fact that Stanhope is an alcoholic.

"You know you mustn't expect to find him quite the same" Osborne kindly warns Raleigh so he doesn't get a shock when he meets Stanhope.

"How frightfully quiet it is" Raleigh says - this shows how strange the atmosphere must have been in the front line.

"Another little worm trying to wriggle home" Says Stanhope talking about Hibbert whom he disrespects because he is trying to go home.

"Yes, I'm a hero" sarcastically says Stanhope as he doesn't consider himself to be the hero Raleigh believes him to be.

"Without being doped with whisky - I'd go mad with fright" Stanhope knows he has a drinking problem.

"He'll write and tell her I reek of whisky all day" Stanhope is worried that Raleigh will write home and tell his sister about him. This gives him the idea to censor Raleigh's letters.

"Dear old Uncle, tuck me up" Says Stanhope to Osborne - their relationship is almost father to son at times.

"You keen on gardening" Trying to talk about something else rather than war is common throughout the play.

"You don't think i'm going potty?" Asks Stanhope to Osborne which again shows how much Stanhope trusts Osborne.

"D'you understand an order? Give me that letter!" Stanhope demands the letter from Raleigh as he thinks there is something about him in it.

"I'm fiddling with my revolver...going off by accident" Stanhope threatens to shoot Hibbert if he deserts.

"How awfully nice - if the brigadier's pleased" sarcastically after Osborne's death Stanhope shows little respect for those above him.

"Steady, old boy. Just lie there quietly for a bit" The caring side of Stanhope when Raleigh has been seriously injured.